Jenna Haze Lights Up The Screen in Fleshlightning

If any of you have seen James Gunn’s PG Porn web series, you’ll know that porn star Jenna Haze isn’t just a pretty face (or ass, if you will). She’s also fairly funny. Once again Miss Haze brings to us a little bit of humor in a rather unique trailer that puts a new spin on ’80s ‘coming’ of age comedies and a product designed for a very specific market.

When nerdy Daniel James happens upon a strange trinket shop run by an old Chinese man (James Hong, Blade Runner, Little Trouble in China) and is sold a magical fleshlight, he somehow manages to impregnate previously infertile porn star (and coincidentally the girl of his dreams) Jenna Haze via his new sex aid. His life is turned topsy turvy when he must choose between the object of his desire and the adorably dorky girl next door, with plenty of laughs along the way.

There’s no word yet on whether or not this is a real film, but if it was, would you watch it?


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