The Vampire From Nazareth – Drum Performance By Mark Maczak

Hungarian metal buddy from Budapest, Hungary, Mark Maczak, just uploaded a video via YouTube of himself performing the drum portion in “The Vampire From Nazareth.” This is the lead track from the eighth studio album, The Great Mass, and latest effort by SEPTICFLESH. Released back in April of 2011, this death metal album is also categorized as symphonic metal due to the heavy use of orchestration, which was written by Christos Antoniou, and recorded by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mark is currently endorsed by Artbeat® drumsticks and he has also performed in a various metal bands in Hungary (Keeper of Dreams, Leander). If you are a chick with massive boobs and a tight little ass, or just a plain old metaller, and find his drum performance admirable, you can catch him on Facebook by following this link.

SEPTICFLESH – The Great Mass

1. “The Vampire from Nazareth” – 4:08
2. “A Great Mass of Death (feat Androniki Skoula)” – 4:46
3. “Pyramid God” – 5:13
4. “Five-Pointed Star” – 4:33
5. “Oceans of Grey (feat Iliana Tsakiraki)” – 5:11
6. “The Undead Keep Dreaming” – 4:29
7. “Rising” – 3:16
8. “Apocalypse” – 3:55
9. “Mad Architect” – 3:36
10. “Therianthropy”

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