John Carpenter Could Very Well Be Proud – The Thing Prequel Trailer Released

So here we have the first ever cam-free version of the trailer for the much anticipated The Thing prequel. Fans of John Carpenter’s Antarctica horror classic are already criticizing the prequel for poor CGI effects, and for looking too similar to the one released by Carpenter in 1982. In my opinion, it should have the same look and feel; even though I have rewatched the one by Carpenter many times, I still find myself fascinated with the familiar characters and blatant suspense, which we see in the prequel.

I agree that some of the effects look digital, killing the realism of the creature. But aside from nitpicking all the technical details, this is looking like a great film.

I’m anxiously looking forward to see how well Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. elaborates the events that happened before the attacks on the American research site.

So, from now on I’m completely blocking all the negative feedback, and I’m looking forward to the release on October 14, 2011.


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