Like Moths To Flames – “Your Existence” (Video)

Don’t let the Fear Factory-like intro circa Obsolete fool you. Like Moths To Flames is straight-up metalcore… and it won’t make you run to the bathroom to purge your intestinal tract. In fact, you might care to check them out again to make sure you heard them right the first time.

Fresh off the Get Nude & Tattooed tour (with The Browning and Delusions), Like Moths To Flames have premiered their latest video for “Your Existence” from their debut Rise Records EP, Sweet Talker.

Looking like a young Mike Patton (from Faith No More, youngsters), former Agraceful singer, Chris Roetter, looks like he’s going to tear it up something vicious – and he does. With lyrics about a break-up and rediscovering yourself, you can hear Roetter purge the hate – which is something we all need to do after some stupid cunt, bitch, slut, whore breaks our fragile, eggshell hearts. Sounds like it should be emo, but that style, while present on Like Moths To Flames’ other material, isn’t present here. Sure, there’s nothing overtly original here, but “Your Existence” is definitely a song you can rock out and relate to with its “every man” lyrics. And, everything (drums, guitars, bass, vocals) is in its rightful place, setting the stage for full-on vexing of aggression – it’s either vexing via metal or getting into a MMA-style fight to get all bloody and shit.

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