Objection! Takashi Miike To Direct Ace Attorney Movie

While at the Cannes film festival, director Takashi Miike hinted that his next film will be a ‘light comedy’ based on the Nintendo DS court drama series, Ace Attorney. This is not Miike’s first foray into the world of adaptations; he did a film called Like A Dragon based on the 2005 video game Yakuza, and one of his most well-known and notorious films, Ichi The Killer was based on a manga.

Capcom later confirmed on their website that the film will hit Japanese theaters in 2012, also announcing a new Resident Evil CG-movie called Resident Evil: Damnation.

Whether you’re a die-hard Miike fan or a fan of the video game series, yours truly thinks that it’ll be interesting to see what Miike can make of such fluffy subject material compared to what he normally deals in. (The home abortion scene in Imprint, anyone?)

What do you guys think? Can Miike make the film a successful ‘light comedy’? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Yell! Magazine for your latest updates!

Ace Attorney Movie

Takashi Miike To Direct Ace Attorney Movie

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