The Warriors (1979): Yell! Magazine’s Greatest Films Series

The first gang the Warriors meet up with are the Turnbull ACs. This Bronx gang are skin heads with a penchant for violence. The Warriors hide in the shadows until the train their looking for to bring them to Union Square arrives. Union Square is where the gang will need to switch trains to get on the Coney Island line.

The Turnbulls are patrolling the streets in a run down bus. When the train arrives the Warriors break cover and run for the platform with the Turbulls hot on their asses. The Warriors reach the train in time leaving the Turnbulls behind.

But the Warriors elation at thinking they are well on their way to Union Square and then Coney Island is quashed when the train is stopped due to a suspicious fire on the tracks. This event dumps them into another gang’s territory. The Orphans, a gang according to The Fox, which is so low class as not to even be on the map, are the Warriors next obstacle.

Numbering approximately 30, the Orphans are at first amicable to the Warriors plight. They did not know about the meeting in the Bronx as they weren’t invited, but believe the Warriors when Fox tells them they were dumped there because of the fire. Swan also explains they aren’t invading, they just want to get to the next train station.

At first, the Orphan’s leader (Paul Greco) agrees to let them pass since they come in peace, that is, until Mercy (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) comes down the stairs and asks for one of the Warriors’ vests. When she is flatly refused she turns to the Orphan’s leader and questions his manhood. She asks how he can allow an army to invade his territory without any reprisal.

The Orphan’s leader then demands the Warriors remove their colors and walk through as civilians. When Swan refuses, a rumble becomes a foregone conclusion. The Orphans enter their clubhouse/apt. to retrieve weapons and the Warriors continue on their way. The two gangs meet on the street. Severely outnumbered, the Warriors seem to be in trouble. But Snowball hands Swan a Molotov cocktail we must assume he prepared in the interval as we didn’t see him with it previously.

Swan throws the lit bottle at a car beside the Orphans and the car explodes killing a few of the Warriors rivals and the rest just scatter. The Warriors run to the next station and continue their trip. Mercy joins them.


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