Scream 4 Vixens (Pics): Which Babe Would You Fall Victim To?

This time around the question isn’t “What’s your favorite scary movie?”, but which Scream 4 babe would you fall victim to? We have trimmed down the sexy cast of Scream 4 to six lucky winners: Neve Campbell, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, and Courtney Cox.

As much as I love the queen of the Scream series, Neve Campbell, I personally would let Hayden take me to hell any time of the day, and I’m rarely into blonds lately.

Emma Roberts, the niece of the famous actress Julia Roberts that was most noticed in the ’90s (The Pelican Brief, Pretty Women, Sleeping with the Enemy), also brings some desire to the big screen, but isn’t quite there yet in terms of age. I’d give her a few more years, and she will be qualifying, or possibly making the top entry on those sexiest female lists.

Anna Paquin, the sexy star from True Blood, has minimal screen time in Scream 4, as with Kristen Bell, but still makes a memorable and a brutal kill in her few moments of fame.

Lastly we can’t forget about Courtney Cox, beyond sexiness, her character brings so much to the table, attitude, humor, mystery, and, of course, the best of all, a desire to shred her apart.

Browse through the picture gallery, or if you still haven’t read our Scream 4 review (contains spoilers), do so now. Evil Argento will repay you for it someday.

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