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Unless you are from the city of Hamilton, that being the one north of the border in Canada, or you are, or were, a die-hard punk fan back in the late ’70s, you probably have never heard of the Forgotten Rebels. Unfortunately, that is a serious oversight on your part. It’s time to correct your mistake.

The British had the Sex Pistols and the Damned, the Americans had the Ramones and the Dead Kennedy’s, and the Canucks had D.O.A. and the Forgotten Rebels.

The Rebels came about when punk first hit the scene across Europe and North America, but out of all the bands that originated or were instrumental in punk’s increase in popularity, the Forgotten Rebels are the ones mentioned least.

When Mickey DeSadist and the gang released the Forgotten Rebels’ first album, In Love with the System, on Star Records back in 1979, punk was spreading around the world. Many, including those of us here at Yell! Magazine, think that this is the greatest punk album released out of Canada.

Everyone is fair game for the wit of DeSadist. His occasionally grotesque and always humorous lyrics take aim at the Beatles, Elvis, boat people, and various other individuals and groups. He even promotes necrophilia among other songs mentioning his love for punk rock and the opposite sex.

If taken seriously, most will be offended by In Love with the System, but if taken in the light of its intent, that is, poking fun at the pillars of society in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., then it is extremely difficult not to smile or laugh continuously.

The best song on the album, “Fuck Me Dead,” tells the story of guy who presumably works at a city morgue assisting the undertaker in handling the corpses. When left by himself, he becomes amorous with the females.

An album that will easily be replayed repeatedly, In Love with the System is Canada’s greatest punk album, one of punk’s greatest albums, and one of North America’s greatest albums in general. Find it, listen to it, and tell us any different below.


ForgottenRebels – In Love With The System

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Forgotten Rebels
In Love with the System
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Forgotten Rebels

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