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I don’t want to brag (OK, I do, but just a little bit), but I did a phoner with Duff McKagan a couple years ago for the release of his band Loaded’s Sick album (which is actually pretty killer). The point is that dude was totally cool until I asked him what he thought of Chinese Democracy, then the call ended. Actually, his phone dropped the call and he called me right back and apologized, emphasizing the fact that he didn’t want me to get the impression that he hung up on me because of the question. Irony.

Anyway, Duff has been writing his autobiography and it now has a release date; mark you calendars for October 11, 2011. Unlike Slash’s autobiography, which was very impressive, I’m pretty sure Duff is writing his without the aid of a ghostwriter. What leads me to this conclusion is the fact that along the way to Duff’s sober living he ended up with a finance degree from Seattle University, which led him to his own financial columns on SeattleWeekly.com and Playboy.com.

Early reports indicate that the Duff McKagan autobiography will begin in 1994 with the explosion of his pancreas, as well as chronicling his music career and battles with addiction, among other things. A sample excerpt that isn’t promised to be included in the autobiography can be found on SeattleWeekly.com. If this is any indication of the book’s tone, Duff McKagan has New York Times Best Seller on his hands.

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