DevilDriver “Coldblooded”: New Track Delivers A Sinister Intensity

DevilDriver has unleashed another teaser track, “Coldblooded,” from their forthcoming album Beast, which will drop on February 21, 2011. Last time we brought you the killer “Dead to Rights” track when it was leaked, and now we encourage you to check out “Coldblooded.” We could hear on “Dead to Rights” that DevilDriver has matured and evolved, but like the police investigating the murder of my girlfriend needing more than circumstantial evidence, we needed proof and “Coldblooded” delivers.

DevilDriver, Beast - Coldblooded

“Coldblooded” begins with some sinister tones before quickly moving into some heavy riffs and butterfly double bass. Personally, I think the level of melody; the full-on drumming that’s not just a wall of double bass, but is intricate in its delivery; the doom guitar melody; and the guitar solos on “Coldblooded” show a level of maturity that’s previously been absent from DevilDriver, but certainly was hinted at on Pray for Villains. Dez Farfara’s vocals on this track are also spot-on and definitely encourage you to join him in his intensity and sing along.

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