Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company, Is It As Good As The Original?

Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Company

Any band that covers a classic track always sets themselves up to be ridiculed. There are many reasons for why they do it and take their chances with public opinion. Some reasons include, but are not limited to, the facts that they are fans of the song themselves, they need a track to fill out an album, they think they can gain radio play and, therefore, exposure with the cover, or they think they can make some money with their version of the song.

Bad Company (the band) released “Bad Company” (the song) way back in 1974. It’s off of their debut self-titled album. Five Finger Death Punch put the cover on their 2009 release War Is the Answer and it hit rock radio back in May 2010.

Five Finger Death Punch, Band ShotWhere the intention of the original was to show Bad Company as a tough outlaw rebel band, Five Finger Death Punch made it more of a war-themed track (company referring to a grouping of soldiers). Their video for the song also promotes this interpretation as they used footage from their tour of Iraq (they played for the troops).

There are tiny differences between the two songs (6-gun/shotgun, the most noticeable example) but mostly Five Finger Death Punch sticks to Bad Company’s original style. Since their isn’t much difference, either is great to listen to, but I’d put my hat in with the original since Five Finger Death Punch didn’t improve the song in any way with their rendering.

Bad Company – “Bad Company” Live Video:

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