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Here’s yet another Canadian band to watch out for (the other is Baptized in Blood) in 2011. The Last Felony is a Montreal, Quebec-based death metal band backed by the German label Lifeforce Records (Trivium was once on the label) and the band’s debut album, Too Many Humans, with the company is a powerful force to contend with. Just one listen and you know that these guys (Joss Fredette, vocals; Dom Grimard, guitar; Felix Roberge, guitar; Vince Menard, drums; and Sebastien Painchaud, bass) had a hard time finding support for their musical preferences from their parents—and Too Many Humans is just as likely to piss off your parents as you blast it from the bowels of the basement. At the very least, this is an album that will help you get through the winter.

The Last Felony

While some reviews are stating that there are elements of metalcore on Too Many Humans, there’s not much hint of that anywhere else than on the track “Overrated Existence.” And while The Last Felony are being called “technical death metal,” this album is pretty much straight-up death metal through and through; however, there are some glimmers of this tech death sprinkled about. To my ears, there’s just not that much for complexity on this album. Of course there are the requisite guttural vocals, intense guitar work, and extreme drumming throughout the entire album, but the album’s title track, “Too Many Humans,” is the hardest hitting and most intense. Also, the first half of the album features the more melodic songs, most notably: “We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots” and “Too Many Humans.”


Naturally, The Last Felony draws upon their local scene that includes the likes of Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, and Beneath the Massacre (and even more broadly to include Kataklysm and Despised Icon) for inspiration, but Too Many Humans is clearly taking it to the next generation. While these guys are still a very young band and have a bit to learn about song structure, you should still stay ahead of the curve and get the latest album from The Last Felony.

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The Last Felony – “We Are The Future Housing Developments For Maggots”

The Last Felony

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The Last Felony
Too Many Humans
Year Released:
17 August 2010
Lifeforce Records
Technical Death Metal, Death Metal
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The Last Felony

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