Resistance 3: New Gameplay HD Trailer Is Here

For those of you who have been anxious to see actual gameplay footage of Resistance 3 since the screenshots of the game were leaked awhile back (and became galvanized by the artwork because of it) well, now you should thank Insomniac Games for bringing us a new trailer with actual gameplay footage. The Resistance franchise is one of the best FPS and longest-running title on the PS3. With that said, we could only imagine and wait for the official release on September 6, 2011.

This new Resistance 3 trailer is part live action, just like the debut trailer at E3 this year, but this time around it transitions into real gameplay. With music, sound effects, and cinematography that are as gripping as a Hollywood blockbuster this game is a beautiful blend of Independence Day and Saving Private Ryan, only here you get to be the hero of a global resistance against the advanced Chimeras and a warped human race in what’s left of America.

In Resistance, World War II never happened with the Nazi’s… we have a far superior problem with the ever-evolving Chimeras.

Can we survive the alien invasion in Resistance 3? Give us your feedback in the comment section below.


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