Commando and Mad Max: Two Action Classics Tarnished by Remakes

We all know Hollywood has been hurting to come up with some new and original movie scripts lately. We don’t really know why this is happening, but producers and studios are turning to a lot of remakes and Americanization of foreign movies. The horror genre has taken some of the biggest hits in this practice. Just to name a few of the more recent terrible atrocities that shouldn’t have been remade are Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Action movies from the ’80s are also another favorite of producers and are tarnished by remakes. We just recently saw a bad reboot with Predators, which was produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by a up-and-coming American/Hungarian director Nimród Antal. However, this reboot was still much better than its predecessor series of Alien vs. Predator. Just ask Mr. “I’m the king of the World!” Cameron on what he thinks of any remake/reboot of his and you’ll get a serious Navi slap in the face.

Twentieth Century Fox announced back in April 2010 its intention to remake Commando, with Sam Worthington in the starring role. As much as we respect his acting skills from Avatar and Terminator Salvation, we question this Australian-raised actor’s abilities to pull off another Ahhnold. Apparently Fox wants to put a new spin on the main character and make it more of a tactical operation. However, the heart of the story (daughter gets kidnapped and father comes to her rescue) will still be kept intact.

George Miller has been on a serious quest to reboot his first ever feature-length movie Mad Max (1979). Sad news is that this will be the first Mad Max movie not to star Mel Gibson. Small time actor James Frecheville already auditioned for a part and rumors of Tom Hardy to cast as Max have already spread among some of us. Due to delays or possibly conflicts with other movies in preproduction like Batman 3 (another rumor) might have been a cause for his fallout. Charlize Theron seems to be onboard and Sam Worthington won’t be the star in the officially titled Mad Max: Fury Road.

Do you think it was a good call to remake these two classics? We think this will cost them at the box office!

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Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington in Commando remake

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