Jack Rebney, The Winnebago Man

Jack Rebney, for the uninitiated, and if you are, you should be cowering in a bathroom somewhere in the dark poking yourself with a cattle prod in the genitals because you’re and idiot for missing out on the hilarity, is the underground viral star of the Winnebago industrial video outtakes that have been a smash on You Tube since 2005.

The Winnebago Man PosterIf the You Tube videos had you pissing your sorry ass laughing to the toilet, then the Ben Steinbauer documentary on the man, aptly titled Winnebago Man, might interest you. Steinbauer tracks the down the pissed off dude, now a septuagenarian, in California and gets to know the guy behind the vitriol.

Sometimes funny, sometimes endearing, the film should satisfy the curiosity of the millions of fans out there who liked to know a little more about this cult celebrity.


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