Methods of Mayhem: A Public Disservice Announcement

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Tommy Lee’s Methods of Mayhem released their second album, A Public Disservice Announcement, and if you heard the self-titled debut album and liked it, you’ll probably like this one too — of course the opposite is true too.

Yes, Tommy Lee is a legend and should be applauded for taking risks and experimenting (for this Methods of Mayhem album he actually combed through more than 10,000 public submissions to incorporate into and complete the demos that were made public), but that’s no excuse for releasing this nauseating and, ultimately, repetitive work that seems to have been inspired by watching The Hills. Honestly, the more Lee dabbles in his nu metal/rap metal interest, the more credibility he loses.

Methods of Mayhem took their time getting to a song with a pair of balls; four tracks deep “Fight Song” is the only record on the 11-track album that comes anywhere near resembling a rock song. Key lyric in this song that might see the octagon someday: “When I see your face I wanna fuck it up.” “Party Instructions” might be the only other track with any aggro in it, but it’s about as close to metal as a hooker is to a clean STD screening.

The rest of A Public Disservice Announcement is filler and a desperate attempt to maintain relevance in a musical landscape that’s drastically changed since Motley Crue were at the top. However, there are two other songs that might appeal to haute couture, as they seem to have been written for the fashion world. “All I Wanna Do” elicits images of models walking down the runway and one synth part brings Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” to mind. Same thing with “Back To Before,” only the intro is reminiscent of Mother Love Bone’s “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.”

Verdict: Unless you’re a Tommy Lee fanatic, which is far more likely than being someone who loves Methods of Mayhem, pass on A Public Disservice Announcement — it’s weak and boring.

Methods of Mayhem - A Public Disservice Announcement

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Methods of Mayhem
A Public Disservice Announcement
Year Released:
Sep 21, 2010
Roadrunner/Loud & Proud
Nu Metal
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Tommy Lee

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