WSOF 22: Palhares vs. Shields Dirty Finish Replay [VIDEO]

Over the weekend, Brazilian mixed martial artist Rousimar Palhares pulled off another controversial win at WSOF 22. The welterweight champion trapped Jake Shields in the third round via a kimura, which forced the MMA veteran to tap multiple times before referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight. Despite the taps, Palhares decided to hold onto the submission a tad longer than called for. After releasing the arm, Shields out of anger punched Palhares in the face.

Shields later told reporters that he wants to face Palhares in a dirty street fight for not following the rules and eye-gouging at WSOF 22.

I want to fight the guy in the streets to be honest, because I want to gouge his eyes back, I want to bite him, I want to kick him in the balls, I actually want to fight the guy. If I see him tonight I’m coming after him. I don’t like the guy. They’ve got rules and he’s not following the rules. I don’t know. I mean I’ll fight him again in a cage, but maybe I’ll stoop to his level if I have a s***ty ref.

Was Palhares fighting dirty again? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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