You Definitely Want To Hear Wormwitch And Their Track “Coffin Birth”


Between EP releases, recent black metal converts, Wormwitch, have released the stand-alone single, “Coffin Birth.” The band has combined their hardcore heritage with their new blackened interest to create what is quite obviously one hell of a titanic song. The riffing and chord changes (Colby Hink) are mean as hell; the drumming (Max Vüst) is frantic, intense, and just plain killer; and the howls from vocalist Robin Harris are dreamy, if your idea of dreamy is being scolded by Satin and a legion of his minions.

But “Coffin Birth” is more than its parts, as a whole the track has a great structure (starting with an ominous intro that could go anywhere) and the production sounds incredible. This outfit hailing from Vancouver, British Colombia, is definitely a band to watch out for.

Rock Hard \m/

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