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The Walking Dead (Season 3) – “Say The Word”

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“Mere words cannot describe the festivities ahead.” These words from our dear scientist, Milton, couldn’t ring truer.

Last week’s episode, “Killer Within,” left us with a Rick who’s reality has just been shattered, and many of us are excited to see a broken Rick walk down a dark path. Despite our understanding that Rick is doing well for the tribe, as well as can be expected in this version of hell, and he acts in its best interest, it’s been difficult as a viewer to invest in him emotionally lately. Someone has to be all business, all the time, and Rick stepped up. Since the end of last season, Rick has moved from job to job and kept a lid on his emotions, even walking away from a humbled and apologetic Lori.

In contrast, most of us have been hating on the Governor (Phillip) since his introduction, so it comes as a surprise to lay our usurped sympathies on him. But that’s exactly what the writers of The Walking Dead, Season 3 have done; they’ve transplanted our feelings for Rick and shoved them onto the Governor. Who would have thought that possible?


But, what father, or parent for that matter, wouldn’t sympathize with a man who’s love for his child has led him to keep her — even if she��s a zombie, walker, or biter? It was bittersweet to see the Governor engaged in the fatherly ritual of brushing his daughter’s hair, and the way he calmed her down was heartbreaking, “Daddy still loves you. You know that, right?” As touching as this scene might be, it reveals that, like Rick, the Governor has had a psychological break. Wonder if this means that Rick will become an inhuman dictator who kills those who stand in his way or pose a threat to his cause.

Still, the scene was endearing and revealed another, unexpected dimension of the Governor.

And that’s what “Say the Word” was really about: The “other side” or the alternate dimensions of the characters in The Walking Dead, Season 3.

Since last week’s episode, our level-headed sheriff has become psychologically unraveled. And he has every right to snap considering all that has happened recently (his security has been breached; the tribe spent the day defending itself; members of the tribe died, including Rick’s wife; he has a new baby that might not be his; and his son presumably prevented Lori from turning). Here comes Rick’s alternate dimension (aka, psychotic killing machine). He re-enters the prison, takes care of some zombies like they were dead meat in a slaughterhouse, throws Glenn around like a ragdoll, and finds Lori’s delivery room.

Where is Lori, by the way? Oh, do you think that zombie over there with the bloated belly ate her? (But where the hell are her bones?) It’s plausible that Rick thought the same, and somewhat rationally went for the knife to cut it open to look for Lori bits. However, the bloated belly also looked like a pregnant belly, and then Rick impaled it with wrath. Think he hates his newborn much?

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