Vanna Does Metallica’s “Fuel” – A Shitty Cover Of A Shitty Song [VIDEO]

I don’t care who you are, even if you’re Metallica, “Fuel” is a bad song. Obviously, there are people who like it, so me saying that it’s a bad song is completely biased and a matter of opinion. However, based off of several conversations through the years, I’d have to say that the majority of people don’t like this song, let alone this era of Metallica. I guess this is why Vanna’s frontman, Davey Muise, went on the preemptive defensive:

I hate when people said after Metallica cut their hair it was over. False, they were making themselves more aerodynamic for riffage like ‘Fuel.’ I dare you to put this track on in a car and not get pulled over for speeding. This track not only opened so many doors for the band, it blew them right off the hinges. All hail the kings.

Hmm, I know I won’t be getting pulled over for speeding because I turn the station any time “Fuel” comes on the radio.

While Vanna has done a pretty mediocre and straight-forward cover of Metallica’s hit from the ’90s, it’s still pretty cool that the post-hardcore band has released an EP of covers. You can order ALT here. ALT also includes “Beautiful People” (Marilyn Manson), “Self-Esteem” (The Offspring), “Zero” (The Smashing Pumpkins), and “Got the Life” (Korn).

Vanna Tour Dates:

Oct 23 – Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall
Oct 24 – Ottawa, ON – Ritual
Oct 25 – London, ON – Rum Runners
Oct 26 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar
Oct 27 – Hamilton, ON – Club Absinthe
Oct 28 – Lakewood, OH – Mahall’s
Oct 29 – Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room
Oct 30 – Amityville, NY – Amityville Music Hall
Oct 31 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance

Rock Hard \m/

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