UFC 200: Is Conor McGregor Really Back On?


UFC 200: Conor McGregor

Following the pre-fight press conference for UFC 200 last week where Conor McGregor was entirely removed from the fight card. It now appears like the rematch with Nate Diaz may be back on.

Last week, the Irish sensation skipped a mandatory Las Vegas media event to continue his training in Iceland for Diaz, and that didn’t fly too well with UFC President Dana White. For a moment during the presser, it actually looked like a feud was brewing between McGregor and the promotion, but it now sounds like the table has turned for McGregor, again.

According to a tweet on Monday, McGregor claims he is “back on UFC 200.”

Fans should be aware that this could be another stunt by McGregor to get more attention for UFC 200. And to be honest, it’s actually working. UFC 200 has become that much more interesting after a tumultuous week between McGregor and the promotion.

The UFC has not made a comment yet, but we expect an official announcement to come shortly. So, stay tuned to Yell! Magazine for the update.

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  • Wayne Trudel

    What a joke.