I Know What You Did Last Summer Reboot – Really Necessary?

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Hollywood rebooting another horror franchise is far from shocking these days, but Sony Pictures green lighting I Know What You Did Last Summer sounds beyond ridiculous to me. Other than Jennifer Love Hewitt starring in the original and Type O Negative’s awesome intro credit song, does anyone remember this being any good? Probably not!

Every minute of this movie sucked. It’s one of the dullest slasher films of all time that doesn’t deserve a reboot, in my opinion. But since the original was loosely based on the character-driven novel of the same name, I guess the reboot has potential of being good ONLY if Oculus writer/director Mike Flanagan follows the path of the book rather than trying too hard to make it another crappy slasher, which it isn’t supposed to be.

Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard are committed to write and produce the reboot alongside Neal Moritz, who produced the original movie. Word is it will be another adaptation of Lois Duncan’s novel, however, speculation is it will follow much closer than 1997 movie, but official details are still pretty mysterious.

I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot is currently slated for release sometime in 2016.

Are you looking forward to this?

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