Suicide Monday: Celebrating Sexy Britts & Pearl Necklaces

Manko Suicide

Age: 30
Location: United Kingdom

Manko Suicide-1

Occupation: Deconstructing reality
Current crush: It’s more like a CRASH, dear
Stats: Constantly bruised
Body mods: Garbed in ultimate fuck-uppery, black rotten heart covered in lipstick and gore
Heroes: The gifted and the challenged
Gets me hot: Legs. I’m a leg man, like Buk
Favorite position: Shagging in the disabled toilet on the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo at over 200 mph!
Fantasy: I’m working on being born a handsome Shinto-ist with a big cock in my next life. Will sing in countertenor and be really good at hand balancing, too.
Most humbling moment: I’m shameless
I lost my virginity: It was rubbish
Into: People who have notes written on their hand in blue biro
Not into: That question “who is the girl behind the image?” It is the straightest path to my sod-off list. If I open my legs wide enough you reckon you’ll see the real Manko shining through? Well honestly darling, you can suck my cock
Makes me happy: the smell of hair bleach, the sound of semi in Tokyo heat, jinxing people on my blacklist and getting mistaken for a tranny
Makes me sad: That David Bowie ruined his fabulous Ziggy Stardust fangs in the States in the ‘80s
Hobbies: collecting tart cards
5 things I can’t live without: A handful of people and plane tickets to see them. The rest can sod off
Vices: I trust you’ll find that in any given moral system Manko is perfectly 100% vice-free
I spend most of my free time: Dressing up, wallowing in self-obsession, excessively drinking, mocking things, making things, entertaining my alter ego, not being very nice, dreaming

Manko Suicide-2

Bands: Suicide, Ebony Bones, Foetus, The Fall, Noblesse Oblige, Simon Warner, My Toys Like Me, The Birthday Party
Films: Funeral Parade Of Roses, Spider Baby, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Velvet Goldmine, Shortbus, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Liquid Sky, Jubilee
Books: Stolen diaries, Joe Orton diaries, Jayne County – Man Enough To Be a Woman, Almost Transparent Blue, Bukowski, Christopher Hitchens
TV shows: Pete and Dud, David Attenborough, Skins (UK, of course), Black Books, Come Dine With Me, Ritches, Bored To Death, Big Bang Theory
Artists: Francis Bacon, Toshio Saeki, Lucien Freud

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