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The new Slipknot album is well on its way, and with new songs being released it’s a nice time to revisit a live performance from the band. Note that we originally published this shortly after Joey Jordison left the band, and the text below reflects this.

Jordison’s sudden departure comes shortly after the news that a new Slipknot album is in the making, which was finally some good news about the band. After the death of founding member and bassist Paul Gray, the future of the band was uncertain. Fans were happy to know that the band would continue, but there was no news of an album at the time.

For me, that’s an issue I have with Slipknot; their productivity just isn’t there — despite lots of touring. Forming in 1995, and releasing their self-titled debut album in 1999, they’ve only released a total of 4 albums. Understandably, Slipknot hasn’t had the smoothest ride in recent years, and members are heavily involved in various other projects (my preferred is Corey Taylor’s Stone Sour followed closely by Jordison’s Murderdolls), but given the popularity and demand for Slipknot, one would think that this band would take priority. As it is, however, it’s like a well-maintained car that never dies.

Nonetheless, the band most easily recognized for its masks, costumes, elaborate performances, and outrageous number of band members, has had a meteoric rise. Most bands producing just 4 albums in a 15-year existence would have been forgotten, but their huge success and massive following have allowed them to take their time as if they were a much older band. Perhaps their slow pace has also kept them interested in maintaining the band. Who knows?

The concert filmed at Australia’s 2005 Big Day Out certainly displays the intensity at which Slipknot performs. Having seen them in the summer of 2012, I’d say that their stage show has gotten more elaborate than back in 2005, but the intensity has always been there. It takes a certain amount of insanity or genius to put on a show like this.

Slipknot: Big Day Out 2005 setlist:

1. (Sic)
2. The Blister Exists
3. Disasterpiece
4. Eyeless
5. Pulse of the Maggots
6. The Heretic Anthem
7. Duality
8. Spit it out
9. People=Shit
10. Surfaсing

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