Interview: Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser Talks 30 Years, Brazilian Beats & More! [VIDEO]

Is it possible for a band like Sepultura to put on a bad show? Is it possible for a band like Sepultura, after 30 years, to remain relevant in the current music scene? I suppose the answer to both questions could be yes, but it’s not true in the case of this important Brazilian thrash metal outfit. Professional, loud, tight, thunderous, infectious, heavy, powerful, indeed these are a few of the choice adjectives we can use to describe a live Sepultura performance, and we experienced all that and more when we saw them at the tail end of their last tour leg. Oddly, this was our first Sepultura experience, and I’m sure it won’t be our last. See below for the set list that we had the privilege to witness.

While nothing can replace the amazing music when a band plays so impeccably, you have to love it when Derrick Green basically tells the naysayers to fuck off when he says “this is Sepultura!” And, being that the band is celebrating 30 years, they played a set list spanning the decades. And when this is a band just as important to heavy metal as the “Big 4,” 30 years worth of material makes for a thrash assault!

When the band rolled through our town, we had the chance to sit down with guitarist Andreas Kisser for a quick interview. So, we talked about Brazilian beats in their music and how they lend themselves so perfectly to the genre, about “humans as robots” and/or zombies (a reference to the general theme of Sep’s latest album, The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart), and, of course, working with ex-Slayer member Dave Lombardo. Watch it all in the player above.

Sepultura Set List:

“The Vatican”
“Breed Apart”
“Manipulation of Tragedy”
“Mind War”
“Convicted in Life”
“Sepultura Under My Skin”
“From the Past Comes the Storms”
“The Curse”
“Bestial Devastation”
“Roots Bloody Roots”

Rock Hard \m/

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