Rory MacDonald Introduced Into Bellator MMA, Slams The UFC [VIDEO]

The newest UFC fighter to make the move over to Bellator MMA is Rory MacDonald. That’s right! The Canadian veteran has left the biggest MMA organization in combat sport for multiple reasons.

On Friday night, MacDonald was officially introduced via a Bellator press conference. During the live session, the former UFC welterweight took a few jabs at the UFC and voiced some of the reasons why he made the switch.

According to MacDonald, Bellator simply offered a better contract and a better salary. The Canadian signed a lucrative exclusive multiyear contract with Bellator last week in the promotion’s most prominent signing to date of a former UFC fighter.

In addition, MacDonald slammed the UFC for making fighters wear the same uniform inside the cage and taking away individualism.

MacDonald said,

The production of the show, it just stands out right away. The big screens, the entrances. They do it bigger. They do it right here. It’s a fight show here. They want to promote a fighter, they want to build it. It’s not generic where everyone is wearing the same thing. We get to be our own individual self, promote ourselves. Where I was before, everyone is wearing the same uniforms now, we’re all walking out of the same, boring dressing room or the gate. It’s boring. People are tired of that.

There’s no official word on when MacDonald will debut in Bellator, but apparently it will be early 2017 after his nose 100% heals from the epic fight he had with Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 in July 2015. It also sounds like his first Bellator fight will be in Canada too.

We’re gonna take Bellator into Canada and we’re gonna do it big. We’re gonna reinvigorate that market. Those fans are gonna get a proper fight show again.

For the full presser, please watch the video embedded on this page.

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