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Formed in 1994, Rammstein is one of the most controversial, shocking, and provocative metal bands around. They’ve been arrested for simulating sex on stage, they’ve mocked Armin Meiwes’ cannibalism case, they’ve made a pornographic music video, and, last but not least, early on in their career they were accused of being fascist sympathizers in their native land, Germany.

But isn’t heavy metal about controversy? As long as it’s done intellectually, pushing the limits of taste and confronting social issues is a heroic act in my opinion.

Nonetheless, Rammstein is well-known for having one of the best and most visually stunning live performances. Even in 1998, when Live aus Berlin was filmed (the VHS/DVD was released in 1999), just 4 years after forming, the stage show was massive and phenomenal.

And don’t even start in about the music. Rammstein’s sound is among the most infectious in metal… and you can dance to it, bitch! Of course there’s always been that dance/goth club feel in industrial metal. I put Rammstein in the industrial genre, but many would put them in the lesser known Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) category.

If you want to see that simulated sex with a vomiting dildo, it happens during “Bück dich,” at 56:30.

Rammstein – Live aus Berlin track list:

1. “Spiel mit mir (“Play with me”)”
2. “Bestrafe Mich (“Punish Me”)”
3. “Weißes Fleisch (“White Flesh”)”
4. “Sehnsucht (“Longing”)”
5. “Asche zu Asche (“Ashes to Ashes”)”
6. “Wilder Wein (“Wild Wine”)”
7. “Heirate mich (“Marry Me”)”
8. “Du riechst so gut (“You Smell So Good”)”
9. “Du hast (“You Have”)”
10. “Bück dich (“Bend over”)”
11. “Engel (“Angel”)”
12. “Rammstein”
13. “Laichzeit (“Spawning Time”)”
14. “Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? (“Do You Want to See the Bed in Flames?”)”
15. “Seemann (“Seaman”)”

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Rock Hard \m/

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