Precious Child, Pills, Razors, Shotguns, Cars, And “I Fall” [VIDEO]

If you’re not into it for the almost retro ’60s-style of psychedelic stoner rock, then get into it for the artsy short film that is the video for Precious Child‘s new track, “I Fall.” If the intent of the song/video is suicide prevention, it’s not doing a very good job because I want to 86 myself right now. In addition to featuring pills, razors, shotguns, and automobiles, the video also showcases America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 actress Nina Burns.

Baltimore’s dark rockers Precious Child commented on the video:

This is one of the most intense things I’ve ever done. I had no idea that a video shoot would be so involved. When we were initially discussing it, I was pretty unsure about how well the video would turn out. Despite this being his first video project, Precious proved that he has a clear and strong vision and it was wonderful to see our initial storyboard come to life. When I first saw the video, I surprised myself and cried. I myself have dealt with my share of darkness and understood the message of the video quite well.

Precious Child is currently performing concerts on the east coast, touring September 2015, and will be touring the West Coast in the Winter of 2015.

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