Pierce The Veil – “Bulls In The Bronx” – A Surprising Post-Hardcore Gem

pierce the veil bulls in the bronx

Pierce the Veil is so far removed from what I normally find acceptable that it lives on another planet. However, the post-hardcore/metalcore San Diego-based band has won over some of my better senses with their latest video for “Bulls in the Bronx.”

What senses might those be? Well, when I’m not watching horror, sci-fi, action, or snuff, I have an appreciation for John Hughes-type of films. The sunny and perfectly manicured neighborhood and the clean-cut kids (even when slutting it up) in “Bulls in the Bronx” taps into the ’80s teen romance genre, which is always nice to get nostalgic about. As such, the video also has a theme, which is always better than shots of the band playing their instruments.

The second element of “Bulls in the Bronx” that I like has more to do with the song (shocker) than it does with the video (although the director, Drew Russ, was smart enough to incorporate it into the video). What I’m yammering on about is the song’s bridge, featuring a Spanish-inspired breakdown. This shows us that Pierce the Veil has a sense for songwriting in their post-hardcore subgenre that wasn’t generally as well developed in the hardcore subgenre.

“I really wanted to have a story people could relate to, as well as have a fun supernatural element to fit the bridge of the song,” Russ recently told MTV.com. “To me, this is such a standout song, and when the bridge hits, it almost transports the listener to another place. I really wanted to represent that on camera.”

The video for “Bulls In The Bronx” is the band’s third video from their widely popular album, Collide With The Sky, which has sold over 100,000 copies since release. Previous videos include “Hell Above” and “King for a Day,” which was also directed by Russ.

Excuse me now, while I go kill myself.

Rock Hard \m/

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