Organic Protein Shakes For Your MMA Needs, Bro

First, watch the satirical video in the player above, which is funny because nobody likes a bro, brah.

Whether you train for MMA, athletic performance, or just for that bro body, you know that protein is an important factor in achieving your goals. But while you’re concerned about carbs, protein, fat, and calories, you should also be concerned about the unhealthy artificial flavorings, sweeteners, GMOs, toxic pesticides, antibiotics, and artificial hormones that might get mixed in with your protein drink of choice. And that’s precisely the impetus for Organic Valley’s new product, Organic Fuel, an organic milk protein shake.

“The Organic Fuel consumer expects performance from a sports-recovery drink, not chemicals and a long list of indiscernible ingredients,” said Lewis Goldstein, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative of more than 1,800 family farms across the country. “There’s a disconnect with other brands that are being marketed as healthy lifestyle drinks when they aren’t healthy at all.”

Visit for more information, as well as a Buy-One-Bro-One coupon for a free product to share with a bro in need of clean protein. “Save the Bros” T-shirts, gym bags, and yoga mats are also available so people can show off their support of the cause.

Organic Fuel is an organic milk-protein recovery shake designed for peak performance. With 26 grams of protein, 70% of the recommended daily intake of calcium and no artificial sweeteners, it’s an ideal combination of protein and carbohydrates for powering muscles and aiding in post-workout muscle recovery. Organic Fuel is available in natural food stores, major grocery chains, and LIFETIME gyms across the U.S.

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