Official Trailer For WolfCop (2014)

Half cop and half wolf… does WolfCop ring a bell anyone? Well, it should because we showed you a beautiful poster for the upcoming Canadian film last month and now you should check out the first official trailer for it. Trust me, WolfCop looks a gazillion times better than Teen Wolf, seems funnier than Super Troopers, and looks more badass than Dirty Hairy. With a lot more hair and babes to satisfy to horniest man on earth.

I’ll just shut up now, so you can see the action for yourself. Watch the WolfCop trailer!

About WolfCop

It’s not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou Garou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a strange turn. Crime scenes seem oddly familiar. Lou’s senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he’s a rage-fueled werewolf. WOLFCOP is one cop’s quest to become a better man…

One transformation at a time.

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