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Nick Diaz Thinks GSP Is A F@$king P*ssy [VIDEO]

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Those are the exact words that came from Nick Diaz in this new video that recently surfaced prior to UFC 154, which features the former STRIKEFORCE Welterweight Champion going off on Georges St-Pierre, Freddie Roach, and his training.

Don’t expect a quality recording here, as usual from Diaz, but the conversation is loud and clear, and it appears to be taken with a camera on a cell phone. I’m also having the feeling that Diaz was unaware that someone was recording during the heated topic, as he says some nasty stuff about GSP. Specifically calling him a “f@$king p*ssy“, and that he can’t take a punch from Carlos Condit. Diaz also goes on to say that Freddie Roach is babying him up, and that no one is sparring hard with GSP. Overall the entire conversation is just plain negative, and at this point, I don’t think Diaz gives a “motherf@$king f@ck”.

Check it out, and let us know what think in the comment section below.

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