Next-Gen Games: 15 Best For The Xbox One And PlayStation 4

The end of this year and all of next year will be an exciting time for gamers as we enter into the eighth console generation. Even though things seemed a bit shaky at first, the dust has settled and the sun is beginning to shine. What’s shining brightest about these upcoming consoles? Why, it’s the excellent set of next-gen games already announced, of course.

So, today we’re presenting you with 15 fantastic, upcoming video games to put on your radar. Although I tried to have a good mix, this list is mostly kept to next-gen games from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but some of them will also be released for current-gen consoles too!

No.15 Dragon Age Inquisition

Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Of all the next-gen games on this list, Dragon Age Inquisition certainly ranks in my top 5 of most anticipated games. I am a massive fan of Dragon Age Origins, and even though Dragon Age 2 wasn’t quite the follow-up people wanted, I am sure Inquisition will more then make up for 2’s shortcomings. Bioware pretty much hit it out of the park with its Mass Effect trilogy, aside from the controversial ending, so let’s hope Inquisition is a worthy follow-up in a fantastic series.

No.14 Titanfall

Xbox One

I think Titanfall has the most potential of all the next-gen games on this list to either be astounding or atrocious. The game will be almost entirely focused on multiplayer, which is a fairly original concept, especially for a console game. The trailers are full of action and sweet space-age mecha’s duking it out. On the other hand, I get somewhat leery about launch titles. Many of them have looked great before launch, only to end up being a completely lackluster playing experience. Hopefully Titanfall will be an awesome, innovative experience!

No.13 Thief

PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Titled Thief 4 for years now, Thief is an upcoming action-adventure stealth next-gen game and reboot to the Thief series. Gamers have been waiting patiently since 2009 for news on the new installment, and we finally got the confirmation earlier this year. Not a ton is known about the game at the moment, but the team that made Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on board, which is a great sign. The game does, in fact, center on a thief named Garrett that players control. I imagine the game will be a reboot in a similar fashion to Xcom. Same name, totally updated play.

No.12 Destiny

Xbox One, PlayStation 4

This one is a bit of a given. Admittedly, I am not the biggest Halo fan. They are fun games, but I never really jumped on the Halo train like some of my friends did. This isn’t keeping me from being super stoked about Destiny. If the game deliver’s even half of what it’s promising, it will be amazing, including MMO elements, unpredictable in game events, and the combination of action role playing FPS. Let’s hope that Bungie can meet the huge expectations gamers have for Destiny. It’s set to release next year on four different systems. So no excuses not to try this one!

No.11 The Elder Scrolls Online

Xbox One, PlayStation 4

If I am being completely honest, I don’t know how I feel about Elder Scrolls going online. Part of the reason so many people love the game is because of how massive it is for a single-player adventure. Few games offer the same amount of single-player hours as Skyrim. On the other hand, many people have said that the one thing Elder Scrolls is missing is Online. Whichever side of the fence you land on, The Elder Scrolls Online is coming, and I for one am choosing to embrace it. Also, if you have a PC, look for the Elder Scrolls Anthology. It looks sweet!

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