New Music: Brimstone Coven Hypnotizes With “Behold, The Anunnaki”

brimstone coven - album cover

On August 5th, Brimstone Coven will make their Metal Blade debut with their self-titled second album, which combines their self-released full-length and an EP.

Hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia, Brimstone Coven have genuinely captured the haunting occult vibe of mid-’70s doom metal/rock. This soundscape is on full display on the latest sacrificial offering “Behold, The Anunnaki,” now streaming at The Obelisk.

The track is about an assembly of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures (The Anunnaki), as Brimstone Coven comments further:

Ancient Sumerian history is fascinating, and as believable as anything else. So we wrote a song about it.

That’s a good enough reason as any. But beyond this cauldron of perfect riffs, hypnotizing melodies, mesmerizing vocals, and grooves with swagger, Brimstone Coven has an absolutely gorgeous album cover. Conveying sexy witchcraft awash in yellow and orange, it’s a total homage to ‘70s-era grindhouse. Love it.

Pre-order Brimstone Coven at Metal Blade, and if you get a chance, catch Brimstone Coven on a short list of remaining dates.

Brimstone Coven Show Dates:

7/21/2014 Goodfella’s – McMechen, WV
7/31/2014 31st Street Pub – Pittsburgh, PA
9/27/2014 Chronic Tattoo – Cleveland, OH

Rock Hard \m/

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