Russian Invasion: Moscow Release Queen Of Sin EP And Title Track

With pop-sensible cleans added to growls and danceable electronic heavy metal, Moscow’s title track to their new EP, Queen of Sin, is catchy as it is sexy. As the track stands, it’s ready for the festival stage, the clubs, and radio.

Catch the newly released video for “Queen of Sin” right here on Yell!

The tracks on Queen of Sin were created with support from producers Shawn McGhee (Hideout Studios – Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach), Brian Steele-Medina (Gemini Syndrome, Hatebreed, Escape The Fate), and upcoming Boston producers OH NO! ØKTAPUS.

About the album, frontwoman Moscow said:

I had a lot of fun writing and recording Queen of Sin — our first EP that comes out June 2nd. It has a nice diversity of rock subgenres; you can find some post-hardcore, nu metal, alternative tunes in it. QoS is a sort of defial for those who say rock and sex can’t go together. ‘Make Rock Sexy Again.’ We wanted to get a mix of hard rock tunes and guitar riffs with sensual feminine vocals and dominatrix attitude.

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About Moscow:

Call her Tsaritsa (queen) like the Russian rockers all do, or call her Moscow — her nom de guerre in the international music scene — but you are going to pay attention to this talented young lady who embodies the rebellious spirit of rock and the consummate class of royalty.

Young, Russian, free, and beautiful, a 16-year Moscow (then known as Elizaveta Tursunova) struck out on her own to explore the world. Not wanting to be tied down to the wealthy young businessmen who had been trying to impress her, her young Russian schoolmates that adored her, or the rockers on the scene who hung on her every word, she fled to Cambridge, England.

Never satisfied to stay in one place or know only one way of life, Moscow traveled to and lived in London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, growing even more bold and worldly with every stop.
From the age of 15, Moscow was a part of the Russian music scene. “In Russia, the market is dominated by cheap pop music. It is next to impossible for a rock/metal band to break out. I hung out with some really dedicated and talented people, they taught me not to give up,” Moscow remembers. “They all thought I was older — I think I celebrated my 18th birthday for 5 years straight.”

When she was in Cambridge and New York, Moscow was trained in musical theater and became a triple threat with dancing, singing, and acting. “Musical theater will always be in my heart. Anytime I visit Broadway or the West End, I must go see a new musical. In London, I became friends with the cast of Rock of Ages,” she explained. She decided to bring that musical’s premise to life and become the rocker she was destined to be.

Throughout her travels, there was something missing… something she found in Los Angeles. The Sunset Strip music scene spoke to her sense of rock history and her musical style. Having read about all her favorite artists’ lives in Los Angeles (*Motley Crue, Steven Tyler, Slash) the Sunset Strip seemed surreal to Moscow. It was there that she put down roots to record her material and the “Queen of Sin” video. Her approach is summed up by her quote, “In popular music, I believe it’s time to look back to our roots — the richness of Muddy Waters, the theatricality of Alice Cooper, the romanticized excess of Motley Crue — and combine what we learn from them with a 21st century outlook.”

Just breaking into her 20s and breaking into the music world, she is wise beyond her years. “We all have God and the devil in us. That is where the spark for ‘Queen of Sin’ came from,” she explains. That spark is destined to set the rock world afire in 2017!

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