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Megan Fox… please. Shu Qi is the Hottest Girl on the Planet!

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Shu Qi vs. Megan Fox

Do you remember back in 2007, what the talk was about as moviegoers with more testosterone than action-hero-doll collections exited their local multiplexes? After watching Michael Bay’s Transformers, talk was not of the special effects; although, you could hear the geeks expressing their amazement at the action sequences and CGI, which is surprising since Bay killed half the fun by shooting way too close to the action causing many parts to become a blur of confusion. But I digress. The main discussion was all about that raven-haired beauty, Megan Fox.

It was the hard-on movie of the year without any nudity. You had the occasional Jessica Alba defender, Vida Guerra might be mentioned, but Megan Fox was easily the hands-down “it” girl for most guys with a boner.

When the second installation of Transformers hit the theaters, Megan Fox carried its success on her back, even though Bay improved on the action and CGI from the original. Revenge of the Fallen cemented Fox as “the” girl in Hollywood.

Enough of this shit is what I say. Fuck every guy walking around with a trouser monkey the size of a gorilla for Megan Fox. It’s time to give another girl, a girl that has sex appeal oozing out of every pore of her 5’6″ frame the props she deserves.

Flash back to 2002, Jason Statham, coming off the success of the two Guy Ritchie British crime comedies (Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), and proving himself an action star on the rise in John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars, he was cast in the first of the Transporter films. Along side him was co-star Shu Qi, a Taiwanese actress and model most famous for her soft-core movie vignettes that mesmerized most who came into contact with them. Unknown to most on this side of the Pacific, she caught her break alongside Statham in this Leterrier/Yuen/Besson film.

She was electric, even if her acting was average at best. The mild awkwardness of speaking in a foreign tongue just enhanced her allure since her accent was coming from a face that could melt an iceberg.
Shu Qi in The Transporter

After The Transporter, Shu Qi faded into North American anonymity again by returning to an acting career in Hong Kong.

As explanations go, her obscurity in North America seems the only good excuse for all the accolades Megan Fox receives. You would have to be an idiot, a moron, a fool to ever believe Fox would ever belong on the same stage as Shu Qi — well maybe as an opening act. Shu Qi is 10 years Fox’s elder and still outshines the Tennessee native. Go rent The Transporter and tell me differently.


Another great funny and sexy car chase scene with Shu Qi (from the movie My Wife Is a Gangster 3 )

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