Megadeth Is Back In The Studio


Roughly a year after the release of Megadeth’s last studio album, Endgame, the metal gods are back in the studio recording new material for an upcoming 2011 album. As reported on, Dave Mustaine paid a visit to the Megadeth Cyber Army chat room for some live discussion. While there, Mustaine announced that Ken Eisennagel (preproduction engineer on the last two Megadeth albums) has been spending some time at Vic’s Garage and Megadeth has nearly five songs completed.

Where they find the time is beyond comprehension. In the last year, Megadeth has put a new song out there (“Sudden Death”) for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, performed live with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax (the first time the four horseman have all shared a stage) on the Sonisphere Festival tour in Europe, continued to share that stage sans Metallica on The Jägermeister Music Tour, headlined their own Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour (playing with Testament and Exodus), played the Canadian Carnage tour and the American Carnage tour, and welcomed Dave Ellefson back into the family.

Though some may question Megadeth’s return to thrash on their last few albums, we believe the heart of it is there and trust that the so-called reunions over the last year will inspire Dave to take Megadeth in a harder and faster direction that’s closer to Peace Sells than Endgame.

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