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KISS Launches Multi-Language Social Media Platform

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KISS launch multi-language social media platform – Credit: KISS

Chalk up another first for KISS: Multi-language social media. Who knew KISS were techies?

If you recall a few seasons ago on Family Jewels, Gene Simmons was talking about and involved with a new multi-language technology coming out of Canada. Actually, Ortsbo is a real-time translator, owned by Intertainment Media Inc., and KISS is going to use it on their upcoming social platform, which will be launched to take full advantage of the hype surrounding their current tour with Motley Crue and the forthcoming release of Monster.

Ortsbo will provide instantaneous translation of 53 languages for users of the KISS social platform, giving fans a world perspective for the first time. The platform will also be synced up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Vevo ,and 12 additional social networks. On the downside, the platform will collect user information and make it available to advertisers, marketers, merchandisers, licensees, and other partners. Yeah, we get that it’s a marketing push and that KISS are marketing masters, but we find this to be cheap, cheaper than a $2 whore.

The plus side of the KISS social platform is the fact that band members will apparently be interacting with fans. According to Paul Stanley:

“We’re giving our fans a more powerful and meaningful way to communicate and engage with us while on tour. Every member of the Kiss Army brings pride and power we share and with Ortsbo’s technology we can reach anyone, anywhere, in any language through one single place on the web.”

Of course he also made a sales pitch:

“No matter where our fans are or what native language they speak, now all of them can be part of the tour plus purchase tour merchandise through one easy platform.”

Whether or not this will be game-changer for bands and tours remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, our curiosity is piqued.

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