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John Carpenter’s The Ward: The UK Has All the Luck

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2001 was a long time ago. For die-hard John Carpenter fans, it is the year easily remembered for being the last time a Carpenter film had mass theatrical distribution (Ghost of Mars being the movie). So when news hit the Web a couple of years back (if memory serves me correctly) that Carpenter was in production on a new feature film, our nipples turned hard for all the excitement.

Now the time has arrived that the film in question, called The Ward if anyone really needs it named, has had its release date announced–that being January 21, 2011–but doesn’t it just make you want to punch a wall or hump a gerbil when that this is a UK release date only or that North American distributors have not been licensed yet. Where’s the electrical tape? I don’t want my gerbil to explode when I give it the business.

Oh well, a few more months won’t matter. Although I seriously contemplated taking an English vacation that included a visit to Piccadilly Circus (for those of you who have never visited London, it’s the theatrical district of the city where the movie theaters are).

The film itself stars the beautiful Amber Heard (All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, Pineapple Express) as well as other hotties (Danielle Panabaker, Lyndsy Fonseca, Mamie Gummer, Mika Boorem, and Laura-Leigh). The story is about a girl named Kristen, who is institutionalized after burning down a farmhouse. The other women of the ward inform her that no one ever leaves the institution alive. Kirsten also realizes that after nightfall a phantom or ghost or psycho, not sure of knowing which, wanders the halls. Will Kirsten find out what’s going on before she becomes a victim? It’s too bad for us, the English will find out first.

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