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Jerusalem’s Sintax Is A Lesson In Brutality

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Not a lot of heavy metal comes out of the Middle East, so our ears perk up when something hits our shores. Honestly, the metal scene in the Middle East is growing, and Sintax proves that it’s a capable spawning ground for the genre. And why shouldn’t it be? The citizens of that part of the world have, perhaps, more to be angry about than anyone else in the world. Certainly more than those who live in a society that seems to have a need for a Katy Perry documentary (fuck you YouTube for shoving that commercial in my face 10 times a day).

I did some searching (online and iTunes store) and couldn’t find a reference to Sintax’ album, Reality in a Box, having yet been released. Let’s assume that it’s not, and what was upcoming back in March 2012, is still upcoming. I did unearth the band’s label, and that is Cheapskate Records.

sintax band

From what I can tell Sintax have released two songs: “Splendid Isolation” and “Ready Dead Gone.” You can download these songs for free at SoundCloud.com. There’s also an official video for “Splendid Isolation.”

Sintax is comprised of members from other Israeli bands (Salem, Hate Corporate, Shwartsechaya, Birth, Belagror, and 256K), and bills itself as “a clash of old school thrash metal with newer grooves,” which amounts to “extreme” music. Fine, if you want to get all pretentious, that’s what you do. To my ears, however, Sintax plays brutal and violent heavy metal.

“Splendid Isolation” is an exercise in controlled chaos. It plays like a rabid dog in a kennel. It’s equal parts headbanger, circle pit, and jumper.
SINTAX – Splendid Isolation by sintaxofficial

“Ready Dead Gone” has some semblance to thrash, but it’s more inline with what Lamb of God sounds like.
Sintax Ready dead gone by sintaxofficial

I predict a major metal label will be signing Sintax within the year, provided the rest of Reality in a Box is as accomplished as these two tracks. So, get into them now before they sell out, boo-ya.

Rock Hard \m/

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