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The Human Centipede II Banned In The UK – We Still Don’t See Why It Should Be

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Now, on a serious note…

It seems that the premise of Tom Six’ magnum opus, The Human Centipede II has proved too much for the British Board of Film Classification, as they have nowhere to classify a film whose main selling point is sewing people together, ass-to-mouth style.

Taking the idea of the previous film to unexpected levels of abnormality, the sequel’s focus is less on the idea of making a sort of perverse, scientific progress, but is instead geared toward detailing the life of a man with an unfortunate obsession to a canonical “DVD recording” of the first film’s events. After giving it some thought, he decides to put the idea into practice, this time apparently grafting 12 people together, and launching the already disturbing premise to new heights.

Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), Tom Six

“I’m doing it for science.”
David Crooke, Director or the BBFC asserts that “issuing a certificate to this work” and releasing it to the poor, unsuspecting people of the UK would be “inconsistent with the Board’s Guidelines.” Evidently, the focus on the film is that of the protagonist’s, and indulges in his arousal at the “total degradation, murder, humiliation, mutilation, torture, and murder of his naked victims.”

While it may be banned for public release, torrent sites can expect a surge of downloads from IP addresses in the UK, as it seems that despite being demonized and castigated, the BBFC has just unintentionally generated a swarm of media buzz toward the object of their disapproval. One can only imagine the reaction that Tom Six’ “Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)” will garner.

Expect Human Centipede II’s DVD release sometime soon in 2011.

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