Gojira: Live At Garorock (2012) – Yell! Magazine’s Full Concert Series

It’s changing, but Gojira is one of those bands that largely flies under the radar. The band is known and respected in metal circles, but as soon as you talk to peripheral fans, you’ll see a lot of blank expressions. The recognition problem might have something to do with the band’s lack of big, bouncy choruses and their “relative” newness. Instead of catchy hooks, Gojira relies on superb musicianship and honest heaviness in their brand of Death Metal. But the lack of a gimmicky trend is no reason for this band to be ignored; many other bands have garnered recognition from that awkward place between mainstream and genre fandom.

I know I said Gojira is “relatively” new, but the fact is that they formed way back in 1996, under the moniker of Godzilla. For legal reasons, in 2001 Godzilla had to change their name to Gojira, which means Godzilla in Japanese anyways. They’ve since released five studio albums and two DVDs, the video above being from The Flesh Alive DVD. The performance is comprised of three shows, Garorock Show, Les Vieilles Charrues Show, and Bordeaux Show, all recorded and released on DVD in 2012.

There’s no doubt in my mind that serving up this full concert on your Friday night will kick your ass into overdrive.

Gojira – The Flesh Alive set list:

01. 00:01:43 Oroborus
02. 00:06:29 The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
03. 00:10:59 Backbone
04. 00:15:50 Love
05. 00:20:48 From the Sky
06. 00:26:27 A Sight to Behold
07. 00:32:01 The Art of Dying
08. 00:40:17 Drum Solo
09. 00:41:44 Clone
10. 00:47:37 Flying Whales
11. 00:53:39 The Way of All Flesh
12. 01:01:33 Terra Incognita (instrumental)
13. 01:05:32 Vacuity

Yell! Magazine’s Concert Series brings you kick-ass live shows to get your party started right and to help you vent your Friday frustrations.

Rock Hard \m/

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