Child Bite Debuts New Track, “Molestation Of The Arts”

child bite 2014

child bite 2014

All kids go through that biting phase. It usually stops before they reach school age, but clearly these motherfuckers from Detroit, Child Bite, never outgrew this phase… because their musical ingenuity has a real, flesh-tearing bite to it. You can hear what I’m talking about on their latest single release, “Molestation of the Arts,” which is streaming over at:

Now, Child Bite’s sound covers a whole banner of genres, which can also be heard on “Ancestral Ooze” (the video for which was inspired by the 1987 film, Street Trash), and they’re being called a “bastardized hybrid of the Melvins, Dead Kennedys, Big Black, and System Of A Down.” What I hear, however, is the jazzy side of Mike Patton. You’ll have to make your own conclusions. Whatever decision you come to, there’s no doubt that Child Bite kicks ass.

Vocalist Shawn Knight explains “Molestation of the Arts”:

I am an artist and a designer. I often have internal debates about where the line is between the two; what is pure art, the difference between art and design, and is it ok for the two to blend. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes not so much. This song is a very cynical critique on the art director/ad agency side of things, coming from an artist’s point of view. One way of looking at advertising is that it’s pure manipulation; a commercial’s job is to sell you a product or service; to make you want it more than the other options available. One tactic agencies use is hijacking whatever the latest trends are to seem hip… This way whatever they are selling comes off as ‘cool.’ Cool sells. That’s what this tune is about; major corporations attempting to appear trendy in order to trick people out of their money.

Signed to Housecore Records, Child Bite will release the Strange Waste EP on CD, double vinyl seven-inch, and digitally November 25th, 2014. Preorder your copy today here.

Child Bite will hibernate this winter to compose their next full-length, which is to be produced by Philip H. Anselmo.

Rock Hard \m/

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