Cane Hill Sing About “True Love”

More nu metal (like Korn) than the assigned NOLA classification, Cane Hill has issued the shocking video for “True Love.” If you were only privy to stills, you might think the video was horror-themed, but it’s actually about sex, or masturbation, or fetishes, or all the above. Well, let’s just let Elijah Witt discuss the point of the track and video:

‘True Love’ is about embracing the animalistic side of sex. Somewhere, somehow, sex became taboo — we want to embrace the fact that human beings love sex in all forms and stop putting a hushed tone over the idea of exploring one’s sexuality. Thus, a fetish-song.

The track comes off Cane Hill’s debut album, Smile, which is out on July 15th, via Rise Records. Smile is available for pre-order here.

Rock Hard \m/

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