Best Metal Albums of 2010 – Ozzy’s Picks

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

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We’re not going to question Ozzy Osbourne’s metal knowledge, but we are going to tell you what his top 10 metal picks for 2010 are (as he reportedly provided for Yahoo Music’s List of the Day). While his list of best metal albums of 2010 isn’t shocking or surprising or even something with new discovery potential, it is a bit biased as he shows love for himself (but really, it’s business and why wouldn’t he?), his family (Zakk Wylde and Gus G), and his peers (AC/DC, Halford). Ozzy has, however, thrown in a couple of “newer” acts for good measure. We do question the candidacy of three of Ozzy’s picks, as one is a reissue and the other two are essentially a greatest hits and we kind of feel like that automatically disqualifies them as “true” albums of 2010.

Let’s get on to Ozzy’s list of the best metal albums of 2010. You decide if you agree and post a comment below.

No.10 AC/DC – Iron Man 2

AC/DC - Iron Man 2

No.9 Firewind – Days of Defiance

Firewind: Days of Defiance

No.8 Lamb of God – Hourglass Box Set

Lamb of God

No.7 PanteraCowboys from Hell (Reissue)

Pantera: Cowboys From Hell

No.6 Korn – Korn III: Remember Who You Are


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