Battle Of The Damned – New “Soldiers Under Attack” Clip

Sweet! Here’s a new clip from the upcoming Battle of the Damned zombie flick starring Dolph Lundgren. As we mentioned previously, this film promises to deliver some killer robots, adding to the usual zombie/survivor mix. However, there are no killer robots in this clip. As the title suggests, some soldiers, including Lundgren, are making their way through a deserted downtown when they come under attack by zombies when one dipshit of a soldier makes a real bonehead move.

battle of the damned - box coverNow, depending on which side of the debate you stand may determine how much you enjoy this film. See, while the zombies aren’t superhuman fast, they aren’t Romero slow either. They do run at a regular human’s sprint though, which seems more realistic, but still, I have a hard time digesting a corpse being able to run like a high school track star. They do feed ravenously though, which is nice.

Battle of the Damned comes to DVD and Blu-ray on February 18, 2014.

Written and directed by Christopher Hatton, Battle of the Damned also stars Esteban Cueto (Fast Five, Iron Man 2, The Scorpion King.

Battle of the Damned Synopsis:

When a deadly virus is accidentally released into a major city, its population is quarantined by military blockade. And for a wealthy industrialist desperate to rescue his daughter from inside the rabid chaos, his only hope is former commando Max Gatling (Lundgren). Now Gatling has one day to bust in, blast through hordes of the undead, find the girl, and hunt for a way to get them both out alive. But will a small band of survivors and an army of killer robots turn his mission into maximum slaughter? Matt Doran (The Matrix) and David Field (Chopper) co-star in this intense action shocker.

battle of the damned

Rock Hard \m/

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