Bankrupt Release “Rewound” Official Music Video – Hungary Got Punk Rock! And A Drunk Fat Pug

Here is a sweet new video for the song “Rewound” directed by the Orbán Brothers. It’s fitted with some beautiful retro elements like a pin-up girl, a vintage reel-to-reel audio rig, an old boob tube, and vintage posters plastering the walls of what seems to be a one-room apartment. If there’s one thing that’s certain here, it’s that the Hungarian melodic punk rock outfit Bankrupt knows who they are and what they’re going for.

BANKRUPT - Rewound

Musically, Bankrupt, is far from original in my opinion. It sounds extremely similar to some of the stuff I listened to during a portion of my virginal high school years. However, Bankrupt still seems to pull it all together with simplicity, great vocals, and a surf-rock theme. So ya, we hope the band takes this as a compliment since we don’t usually cover punk on Yell! Magazine. Hell, I can’t even remember the last time we did, but sometimes when we really think a band is good, and needs a tad more exposure, we’ll give props where props are due. Besides, do we really need to care about the type of music a great band plays?

About The “Rewound” Video

Did you know that if you spend too much time watching TV and swilling beer, you could turn into a fat little pug? And that’s especially a fitting punishment if your neglected wife is a hot pin-up girl.

Watch the new music video above by Bankrupt to discover more.

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Bankrupt are:

– Rocco (vox, bass)
– William (guitar, vox)
– Shorty (drums)

Source: Bankrupt

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