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It’s probably pretty safe to say that Joey Belladonna is the voice of Anthrax that fans love best, so when he returned to the band, again, in 2010, the metal world was set right once again. And the thing is, unlike many of his peers, he still has his vocal chops. Of course, his vocal style isn’t quite as extreme as other metal singers.

As one of the Big 4, it’s about time we brought you a full concert performance from the Anthrax. The odd thing about Anthrax is that they’re huge while remaining somehow under-appreciated, definitely they’re the “least favorite” of the Big 4 (send me your hate mail now). Seriously, when I introduce a young metalhead to Anthrax with Fistful of Metal or Among the Living, the response I usually get goes something like this, “This is awesome! I had no idea!”

While Anthrax’ earlier work was definitely as thrashy as the best thrash around, they evolved into the quirky metal band that displayed their sense of humor on stage and in their songs. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it contributed to their discredit. Still, their skill as musicians always remained intact.

Then, in 1991 they did a thing with one of the toughest rap groups around at the time, Public Enemy, and had a major hit with “Bring the Noise.” To Anthrax’ credit or discredit, 1991 was an era of choosing either metal or rap — not both, this was very a very forward-thinking that established what’s widely considered the first metal/rap hybrid.

While their age shows somewhat, Anthrax’ 2013 Wacken performance is still full of youthful energy and their signature quirk. The shots of the fans clearly show their appreciation for this Big 4 band that truly deserves to be considered among heavy metal’s elite. Also, Anthrax play as tight as a nun’s ass.

Yes, and Anthrax does one of the best KISS covers ever! Check ’em out performing “Parasite,” you won’t regret it. So, up yours if you’re among the fools who say that KISS didn’t write heavy metal music or wasn’t a heavy metal band, this right here proves that they did, because Anthrax didn’t really change a damn thing:

Anthrax Live at Wacken 2013 – Set List:

1. Caught In A Mosh
2. Efilnikufesin (N.F.L)
3. In The End
4. Deathrider
5. T.N.T (AC/DC Cover)
6. Indians
7. Got The Time (Joe Jackson Cover)
8. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
9. Madhouse

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