Aenaon Release “Fire Walk With Me” — Rise! Rise! Rise From The Flames!

Are you ready for some black metal that breaks from convention? Then you’re ready for Greek avant garde black metal outfit Aenaon and their new track “Fire Walk With Me,” from the upcoming album Hypnosophy. Have a listen in the player on this page.

As a black metal song, the David Lynch-inspired track certainly has its dark tones, but then the track puts your head in a blender as it introduces an almost gleeful horn section. Of course, things get more traditional with the vocals, but then the horns return, after which we’re treated to velvety guitar solo before the vocal deliver gets nearly theatrical. As you can see, “Fire Walk With Me” has a lot of elements that makes each listen of the seven-minute track highly enjoyable.

It’s like show jazz meets Meatloaf meets black metal. If that doesn’t compel you to listen just once, maybe you’re just not ready for this yet.

Aenaon commented on the track:

Influenced by David Lynch’s film of the same title, this title was chosen as an inspiration for a hymn about the mythical creature, Phoenix. The element of fire is represented by the maelstrom of multiple instruments that are combined to create a Promethean atmosphere. It concludes all the distinctive elements of the Aenaon sound whirling into a fiery musical vortex.


Complemented by the unique art of Łukasz Wodyński, Aenaon’s Hypnosophy will be released via Aural Music sub-label, Code666, on CD, vinyl, and digital formats on November 25th in Europe and December 9th in North America. Pre-orders — including special bundles — are available here.

Rock Hard \m/

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