31 Days Of Scares – Day 14 – Horror Movie Picks From Hell’s Temple



Each year we roll out our editor’s horror movie picks to watch on Halloween, and this year we’ve got some killer selections.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know we’re in the midst of Yell! Magazine’s 31 Days of Scares, and it’s time for us to help you make your horror movie selections for Halloween 2013. Choosing movies for Halloween is as important as who’s name to put on your black list. Understand that we believe in watching multiple movies, which means that there should be variety. From anthologies to torture to supernatural to slashers to giallo to exploitation to revenge… ok, you probably get the point — anything is on the table as long as it’s within the horror genre.

Today, we’ve got horror movie picks from Hell’s Temple, who’s taking us down a dark and disturbing path of classics.

No.13 Saw (2004)

What countdown would be complete without a torture film? Even though the death traps are beyond gruesome — though, clever in this first Saw film, tortuous for audiences in its sequels — what’s scariest is that you just might understand the villain’s twisted motives by the end of the film.

No.12 Candyman (1992)

It plays on the ol’ “Bloody Mary” game. After seeing what the murderous spirit in this movie has in store, you simply won’t be able to say “Candyman” in front of a mirror. Promise.

No.11 Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Because no matter how fast you run through those woods, he always catches you. Kill kill ah ah ah kill kill kill… And because it’s not his mother this time.

No.10 Carrie (1976)

Thanks to inspired directing from Brian De Palma, every moment in this film is filled with dread and suspense as the story inches toward the big, bloody finish.

No.9 A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Adolescence is tough enough without having to worry about razor-gloved Freddy Krueger killing hormonal teens in their sleep. And then it’s beyond gratifying to see Johnny Depp in his debut role being sucked into his bed and then spit out in a shower of blood.

No.8 The Thing (1982)

Legendary director, John Carpenter always brings the best to you. It’s impossible to know whom to trust in this film about an alien parasite that imitates humans.

No.7 Hellraiser (1987)

Despite a super low budget, Clive Barker brought gore, suffering, and grotesque ideas to the people. If you can stomach a man being torn apart by chains and hooks, then by all means, I encourage this one. “We have eternity to know your flesh.”

No.6 Nosferatu (1922)

This silent film doesn’t have today’s blood ‘n’ guts special effects, but it still creates a creepy, nightmarish setting with shadows and tension. Brilliant.

What are the top 5 horror movies to watch on Halloween according to Hell’s Temple? Find out after the jump…

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